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Rolling with the Bentley in 2021

So much is going on in the world of Jazzical® with Joel A. Martin. From creative collaborations and side projects, to career developments and musical updates, you’ll want to be the first to know what goes on in the life of this hardworking and talented music professional. Here you will find all of the latest news surrounding Jazzical® with Joel A. Martin.


Jazzical® with Joel A. Martin Joins New Music Collaboration

The Bentley has joined forces with gospel singer extraordinaire Theresa Thomason to record a CD in 2021. Now if you do not know her, this is an opportunity for your crash course. She has performed all over the world on tours with Dream Theater and is an Artist in Residence at NYC St John The Divine Cathedral with the Paul Winter Consort, a group she has been with for over a decade! She is the real deal but don't let me sell you on it...check this video out!

Jazzical® with Joel A. Martin
Live Virtually

Because of the pandemic, doing live concerts are hard. Not impossible but hard. The Bentley will not be deterred. He just finished 2 back-to-back concerts for Sonata Piano Camp of Bennington VT and Piano By Nature Concert Series in the Adirondacks of NY! 

More live and virtual events are in the planning so stay tuned. The Bentley keeps on rolling!

Jazzical® with Joel A. Martin Receives Artist Covid Grant

In the summer of 2019 while recovering from 2 months of the Covid 19 infection, Joel became the recipient of an Artist Covid Grant from Musicians Emergency Fund of New York to help continue his work as a composer and performer. 

Since then, he has applied for several other grants and residency programs through outside agencies and is awaiting word. Keep your fingers crossed!