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Jazzical® with
Joel A. Martin

"The Bentley"

What is Jazzical®

JAZZICAL® is a celebration of creative fusion -- it's the explosive union of classical composition and jazz innovation ignited with a fresh spirit all its own. JAZZICAL® captures the dynamic force of multiple cultures and influences, unleashing a kinetic energy that breaks down boundaries and yields whole new worlds of musical expression.


JAZZICAL® upholds the integrity of both the classical and jazz traditions while creating something new and authentic. No matter the project, classical music is never left at the door - he takes it with him and makes it anew!

JAZZICAL® - Beyond classical and jazz. It is next level music-making!


"Unearthing the mysteries of the 88 keys and making the music my own.”

- Joel A. Martin "The Bentley"


Jazzical Komitas - Passion of Fire


Connecticut, USA


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