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December 2021

So much is going on in the world of Jazzical® with Joel A. Martin. From creative collaborations and side projects, to career developments and musical updates, you’ll want to be the first to know what goes on in the life of this hardworking and talented music professional. Here you will find all of the latest news surrounding Jazzical® with Joel A. Martin.

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Joel A. Martin Joins Mezzo Soprano Solange Merdinian at Carnegie Hall!

Dec 15, 2021

Solange Medinian, Pro Musicis International Award Winner, welcomes the audience into her musical world, from the many places she considers home. The program features Armenian Folk music with new Jazzical arrangements by Joel A. Martin, classical works with folk gestures of Spain and Argentina by Eduard Toldrá, Carlos Guastavino, and Carlos López Buchardo, then crosses genres into more popular sounds by Cole Porter and Kurt Weill, and ends with Astor Piazzolla’s “Nuevo Tango,” music of Argentina, the country where Solange was born.


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Jazzical Komitas - Passion of Fire recording is being mixed for release Jan 2022 with Grammy winning engineer Dave Darlington!

Dec 16, 2021

A project 2 years in the making, not even a pandemic could stop this project from happening. Ladies and Gentlemen…

Joel A. Martin and Jazzical Arts have launched a new project—Jazzical Komitas: Passion of Fire – with the goal of reaching an international audience and a Grammy nomination/win.

“Jazzical Komitas – Passion of Fire” is an experience like no other. This acclaimed music, written by Komitas Vardapet and other well-known Armenian composers, has been recreated in Joel Martin’s trademarked Jazzical® style for a new global audience. We are off to a great start with initial offerings of $6000 toward our goal of $60,000. We are reaching out to ask you to consider donating to the Passion of Fire project.

Like fire, there are many layers to this music: red, hot, and painfully beautiful. Jazzical Komitas celebrates the heritage and art of the Armenian people - past, present and future - through music.

Now is the time for YOU to get involved. The music has been orchestrated, recorded, and is now ready to be mixed and mastered. Your contribution to the project is essential at this juncture in order to release the music globally on January 3, 2022 in preparation to mount a year-long Grammy campaign.

If the spirit moves you, please donate using the link:

Your support will help foster a new love, respect and appreciation for Armenia, its culture and arts, its people, and the music that is the driving force of inspiration of a country.

And let’s go get that Grammy Award! Rolling Rolling Rolling!

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The World of Jazzical® with
Joel A. Martin

"The Bentley"

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About Jazzical® with Joel A. Martin

JAZZICAL® is a celebration of creative fusion -- it's the explosive union of classical composition and jazz innovation ignited with a fresh spirit all its own. JAZZICAL® captures the dynamic force of multiple cultures and influences, unleashing a kinetic energy that breaks down boundaries and yields whole new worlds of musical expression.

JAZZICAL® upholds the integrity of both the classical and jazz traditions while creating something new and authentic. No matter the project, classical music is never left at the door - he takes it with him and makes it anew!

JAZZICAL® - Beyond classical and jazz. It is next level music-making!


"Unearthing the mysteries of the 88 keys and making the music my own.”

Joel A. Martin "The Bentley"

The Bentley - Jazzical Spirit

Connecticut, United States


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