Support Jazzical Komitas Grammy Campaign 2022-23

Jazzical Komitas for the 21st Century - Let's win the Grammy!

Since the beginning of this fundraising campaign on April 5, 2022 in Los Angeles, we are on track to raising $200,000 via our 501 c3 fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas of NYC to bring worldwide appreciation and acceptance for this incredible music.  The goal: Secure a nomination/win for the Grammy Award Best Global Music category in 2022-23!


What will this amount pay for?

$60k - Crossover Media of NYC - Outreach to Radio: (digital service) - See what has been achieved in just 2 months: http://www.crossovermedia.net/artists/joel-a-martin/projects/jazzical-komitas/

  • Local ‘Jazz & Classical’ terrestrial stations & specialty shows

  • Syndicated includes; NPR, APM, PRI, WFMT, CBC, BBC + Independent Syndicators and & US Statewide Networks

  • Direct outlets include: SiriusXM, MOOD, & Spafax: In-Flight

  • Outreach to Online Media, International Outlets & Social Media (digital service)

  • Services include: Acquire radio airplay, exposure and promotions, gather metrics, track info, and programmer
    commentary via text, links, and via audio / video widgets. Post all activity to Joel Martin - Jazzical Komitas Crossover Media Page.

  • Pursue and secure Online Media

  • Arrange for artist interviews with radio and online media

  • Create and Post News Items on Crossover Media slider and Artist/Project page. Distribute to media list and post on socials.

  • Produce Podcast to distribute to media outlets and post on socials.

  • Will provide Artist/Project content for non-interview stations

$40k - Creation of several music videos for Jazzical Komitas

$50k - Concert touring, artist fees, and travel

$25k - Hiring social media creators and collaborating with social media influencers and organizations.

$25k - Miscellaneous expenses


Think about that for a moment…Komitas…Grammy…Armenia…

It IS possible. 

Thank you for your interest in and support of Jazzical Komitas. We are one world, one people. Let's bring Komitas and Armenian music to the world. Let's create a world where the name Komitas is spoken in the same breath as Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, Chopin, and all the great CLASSIC composers!