Jazzical komitas - passion of fire

Jazzical Komitas, tobe released in Fall 2020, features pianist/composer/producer Joel A. Martin with Armenian conductor Sergey Smbatyan and the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, the Gomidas Choir of NYC, Armenian opera singers, jazz artists, and instrumentalists. And quite possibly a world famous Armenian rock god...

Komitas was introduced 1.5 years ago to pianist/composer/producer Joel A. Martin at a small Armenian dinner in Queens NY. Joel, whose career includes multiple projects and tours with Grammy Award winners Kathleen Battle (opera superstar), Disney composer Alan Menken, among many others, was intrigued, a “new” music he had not encountered before. 6 months later he sat down and started seriously listening to the music and was overwhelmed with the beauty of Armenian music, and Komitas. The music flowed out of him over the next 3 weeks, and word of Joel’s work spread through the Armenian community globally

An invitation to attend the World Congress on Information Technology brought Joel to Yerevan, Armenia in November 2019, which cemented his new relationship with and love of Armenia.


Joel was moved by the simplicity and power of Komitas’ music, and Armenian folk songs.


Many people throughout the world do not know of the greatness of Komitas and Armenian music. They will soon.

Repertoire for Jazzical Komitas:

1. Garun a - Komitas - solo piano

2. Dance of Echmiadzin - Komitas - piano and orchestra

3. Al Ayloughs - Komitas- piano and orchestra

4. Shushiki - Komitas - piano with jazz trio and woodwind ensemble

5. Sareri Hovin Mernem - piano and string orchestra

6. Bari Arakeel - Serj Tankian - piano/vocal/chorus/orchestra

7. Chinar Es - Komitas - piano and orchestra

8. Hoy Eem Nazanee Yaru - Komitas - piano, chorus and string orchestra

9. Hoy Nazan Im - Komitas - soprano, piano, violin and string orchestra

10. Armenian Procession in A minor - piano jazz trio with orchestra

11. Belanie – Armenian Folk Song - piano and orchestra

12. Armenian Folk Song in 5/4 - piano jazz trio with orchestra


More selections will be announced soon.


  • World tour

  • Winning the Grammy Award

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